The Problem

Wrong Strat is a well-organized World of Warcraft guild that was having difficulty recruiting skilled players for their roster.

I initiated the project by talking to Stephen, the guild leader, and his team to fully understand their goals. As a group, we then talked to other players and narrowed down the player base we wanted until we got our first set of Personas.

Developing the Brand Identity

Prior to the rebrand, the design of the logo was based solely on an in-game graphic. That made the guild boring and unattractive to new recruits. Once the new strategy was in place I simplified the brand logo and brand type. This decision opened up the door for guild members to easily include the logo within their forum signatures, a feature which was impossible before.

The new logo positioned Wrong Strat as a reputable professional guild that appealed to the type of gamers they wanted to attract.

Wrong Strat Alliance Banner
Wrong Strat Alliance Banner

Alliance Lion

Wordpress Theme

During the creation of the Wordpress theme, Stephen and his team chose to switch factions within the game from Horde to Alliance. That decision impacted the way the theme looked. We decided to make the theme faction independent by giving them the option to choose.

mood board

The design direction conversation always starts with fundamentals. Longterm guilds in games excel at leadership and effective communication. Those two strengths were the inspiration for this mood board.

  • — Omnipotent Guild
  • — Vodka Guild
  • — Defiant Guild


  • Titles Looking for more DPS!!

  • Headlines Competent Leadership

  • Links Our Story & Background

Raleway — Sans Serif

Weights — 300, 400, 700


Lato — Sans Serif

Weights — 300, 400, 700


Code Development

Well designed Recruitment and Progression plugins for Wordpress are a coveted feature. In collaberation with Nuno Morgadinho, we developed a plugin which allows the site administrator to select the player classes they need to recruit for and show their progression in raiding dungeons.

Wrong Strat Code

Responsive and Adaptive Design

Through the use of Bootstrap 3 and minimal extras, I crafted a Wordpress template that is fully responsive and adaptive.

Wrong Strat Home
Wrong Strat Forums Screen
Wrong Strat Mobile Home

my contribution


+ recruitment


+ wow progress


Item Level

Applying an effective branding strategy and brand guidelines can transform any project. When sitting down to design Wrong Strat I spent a lot of time thinking about the players and what they considered to be a reputable guild.

Exposure to a guild and its brand through player and community interaction is what drives its marketing. With simplifying the branding, we gave the guild's members a chance to show off their new badges and help build Wrong Strats reputation.

The design of the website and forums reinforced the position of leadership and communication, two qualities which WoW gamers associate with a successful guild.

Guild progression took off because of the recruitment of skilled players which went from a few applications per month to nearly 50 per month. The equipment of each player, known to them as Item level, grew to meet the challenges they faced putting them into the top percentile of successful guilds.


  • Name Wrong Strat
  • Client Stephen Rudd
  • Deliverables Templates for Wordpress and PHPBB.
  • Disciplines Art Direction, Visual Design, & Coding.
  • Team Nate Chapman and Stephan Rudd
  • Technology Bootstrap 3, Wordpress, PHPBB
  • Location Louisville, KY
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