Nowear Extreme Apparel is a BMX bicycle brand in southeastern Nebraska. Since beginning in 2008, they have grown from a website selling t-shirts to a brand which reaches out to every BMX rider across the USA and abroad with clothing and biking gear.

Eric Moyer and I met the owner Karl Hinkley at lunch one day. Karl wanted a team to help him market his newest line of t-shirts. We struck a deal which would create a communication strategy, e-commerce platform and global campaign toolkit

crafting the story

Nowear has some diehard fans in both kids and parents alike. BMX as a sport spans a few decades with some riders well into their sixties. The challenge Eric and I faced was how do we capture the spirit of the sport across the generations and help Nowear grow in sales, name, and recruitment.

To start by creating a campaign for Rad. Rad is a character created by a former pro-BMX rider. Karl prior to our involvement reach out to X to create a series of t-shirts for Nowear. Eric and I took this opportunity to help Karl market the shirts socially and by creating a custom ecommerce and email theme for the campaign.

Rad and the use of the word set the tone of our overall strategy. Tie the older riders with the newest. The eighties look and style of the skater era and modern graphical assets created the look and appeal of Nowear Extreme Apparel.

brand identity

Having our direction with Rad established we wanted to showcase the riders and their relationship with the sport and NOWEAR. The bold fonts to the lifestyle photography our direction felt real and cultivated a voice from the sport. Thick lines along with branding colors tied the skater vibe with the "rad bro mentality". The shirts are the culture and giving them center attention was the priority.

For each category, it was important to give each line context in real life moments wearing the clothing. Our strategy was to take a moment from a riders life which spoke to the real-life situations they deal with every day. This direction brought out the personality of who NOWEAR is and what it is saying in its clothing.

The photography spoke to the messaging of real life situations. This established the brand communication platform that enabled NOWEAR to establish new customers, reach out to new riders, and grow from a Nebraska brand to a global brand in the BMX marketplace.


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The Rad experience was designed to connect to customers, but how could we take this structure and bring it into the eCommerce platform?

With the redesign in mind we focused on the customer and set out to create an online experience that empowers users to browse the website with ease, search products, and see a visual direction that brings out pride for their sport.

Powered by Wordpress, WooCommerce, and Bootstrap 3 we ensured best practices were ahered to while keeping the codebase light by removing bulky and unnecessary template code.

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Path to purchase

Removing obstacles like redundant product and category pages improved the path to making a purchase. Paypal's API helped ensure a quick and easy form to limit the amount of time a customer has to spend while in the cart process.

SEO Optimization

To help generate more conversions we created a few landing pages based off of popular keywords, phrases, and customer behaviors in the industry to ensure that we were maximizing the amount of organic traffic the site could receive.

my contribution


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After speaking with several executives regarding their retention strategy, we realized we could market Hip Pocket in a way that allowed the institution to convert customers with existing traditional bank accounts into loan and/or refinance customers.

The successful communication through the design led to higher ROI than what the previous website delivered prior to my involvement.


  • Name Hip Pocket
  • Client Mark Zmarzly
  • Deliverables Branding, Website
  • Disciplins Art Direction, Interaction and Visual Design, Coding & Research
  • Team Nate Chapman, Mark Zmarzly
  • Location Lincoln, NE
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