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Art and Soul Beads is a niche retailer that sells crystals and stones to the jewelry design market and provides tutorial and education both in-store and online. I was initially hired to create a new template for the e-commerce store in 2011. With the success of that project I was promoted to Art Director.

My responsibilities included web and interactive design, development of the online education suite, and marketing strategy.



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promotional & Marketing

Online Education Suite

Emily Kaniasty, Owner, Art and Soul Beads, has written and recorded over 20 tutorials which created a significant impact on brand awareness.


In early 2015 we assembled Art and Soul Beads’ most popular tutorials and made them available in a free eBook available to our mailing list subscribers.

Art and Soul Beads Concepts

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The primary goals were excellent user experience, ease-of-use, minimalism, and focus the on products. This gave me some general direction when considering overall art direction and the creation of the concept.

  • Forever 21
  • Makr
  • Modcloth
  • Tiffany & Co.
Art and Soul Beads Concepts


  • Create a new website
  • Create a new branding strategy and build brand awareness
  • Promote the Art and Soul Beads Facebook page
  • Expand the email newsletter subscriptions
  • Increase conversions

Customer Insight

  • Surveys

  • Interviews

  • Polls

  • Analytics

Art and Soul Beads Personas


Collecting customer insights was key to developing our overall strategy. Over the course of the project we used numerous processes including:

  • Card Sorting
  • User Journeys
  • Personas

Iteration of Design

Goals 2011


  • New Branding Strategy
  • New Store Template
  • New Checkout Process

After working through several iterations with Emily we launched this new direction late in 2011.

Art and Soul Beads Concepts

Goals 2012


  • New Marketing Strategy
  • New Page Templates
  • Bootstrap 2

Responsive was the biggest update to the site this year. We converted every page to work in Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile. We also introduced a Blog as part of the new marketing strategy.

Art and Soul Beads Concepts

Goals 2013


  • Bootstrap 3
  • Cards
  • Style Guide

Our biggest change came in the form of moving from Bootstrap 2 to Bootstrap 3. Next we set out to create a style guide which removed over a 200k of code from our various templates. Cards were introduced and used site wide to further reduce code bulk.

Art and Soul Beads Concepts

Goals 2014

This year we brought it some help from copywriters and began to consolidate our brand message across social, website, and blogging. We started using more models to help sell products.

Art and Soul Beads Concepts

Goals 2015


  • New Template
  • New Checkout Process

With business goals and customer needs changing we decided it was time to introduce a new template. Our focus now was on several product types. The branding and social strategies were changed to fit Emily's personality.

We tested the new templates and after a few iterations, we launched our new customer-focused experience.

Visual Design

Jewelry supply websites are very busy and often overloaded with product. We wanted to diverge from that while capturing the spirit of the industry.

Art and Soul Beads Home Layout

Mobile First Responsive Strategy

Art and Soul Beads mobile platform users make up nearly sixty percent of the overall traffic. To preserve the experience between different device points we added quick link navigation to the home page.

Art and Soul Beads Mobile Layout

Responsive Email Design

We sent a weekly e-mail to our subscribers highlighting new products, services, and education suite updates.

Art and Soul Beads Screens

my contribution


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conversion y2y

Driving conversions was our primary goal and we measured our progress using incremental targets. By utilizing consumer and A/B testing total sales have increased 400% since 2013. Social engagement has consistently increased every month by 5%.

The free eBook offer has increased the email subscription list by 200%; adding nearly 50 unique email addresses per month.


  • Name Art and Soul Beads
  • Client Emily Kaniasty
  • Deliverables Website, Marketing Strategy, Email Templates, Wordpress Blog Template, and eBook
  • Disciplines Art Direction, Interaction, Experience, & Visual Design, Coding, and Copywriting.
  • Technology Bootstrap 3, Shopsite v.10
  • Team Nathan Chapman, Emily Kaniasty, Nicholas Kaniasty, Lauren Cyders, Amy Bunel, Nicholas Cole, and Kelly Hampton.
  • Location Louisville, KY
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