Nate is a visual, UX, and web designer. Located in Princeton, New Jersey and is available for employment by contract or full-time.

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Work Experience

  • Art Director
  • Art Move Magazine - Lincoln, NE
  • September 2014 to Present

Manage and maintain the branding, branding strategy and the design direction of the magazine.

Train, supervise, and direct the team of designers, writers, and photographers responsible for the visual design to maintain a consistent and exciting experience for our readers.

Conduct conversations with readers to build a feedback spreadsheet on the overall feelings of each issue to use as a basis for future direction.


Increased readership 10 fold by creating a unified design theme, reader focused layout changes, and a concerted distribution effort.

Since joining the team in issue three, the distribution has increased steadily by 25% issue to issue. Lincoln, Nebraska was the initial distribution area and we are now represented in four cities in over 75 retail locations.

With the publication of Issue 4 at the end of 2014, we were honored the Nebraska Art History Award.

  • Art Director, Visual and Experience Designer
  • Art and Soul Beads - Louisville, KY
  • August 2010 to September 2015

Maintained the branding, branding strategy, marketing strategy, youtube strategy, design direction, and consistent template code structure.

Using Google Analytics we set up A/B split testing, conducted surveys, and user testing to lower bounce rate and increase engagement resulting in increased conversion rates.

Train stakeholders and conduct marketing research to analyze the competitor landscape to access the strengths and weaknesses leading to new opportunities.


Increased eCommerce sales by 250% between January 2014 to present.

The marketing strategy has increased social engagement consistently every month by 5%.

Created a free eBook offer that increased the email subscription list from 10 to nearly 50 unique email addresses per month. The growth rate continues at nearly 110% month-to-month.

  • Owner/Creative Director
  • Vigilante - Lincoln, NE
  • July 2013 to June 2014

Maintained the branding, branding strategy, marketing strategy, design direction, and consistent template code structure for Vigilante and our clients.

Conducted research for competitor analysis and customer development for our clients providing them with strategic direction and training to implement those strategies.


NOWEAR Extreme Apparel, July 2013 to January 2015 -

Wendy Bantam, July 2013 to August 2014 -

One Life Holistic Health, November 2013 to March 2014 -


By applying customer development results and utilizing Google Analytics, we were able to increase the conversion rates for Nowear Extreme Apparel by nearly 450% during our management.

Maintained a sales increase of 250 percent month-to-month with Wendy Bantam.

Through the use of targeted landing pages, Wendy Bantam secured several teaching engagements.

  • Creative Director, User Experience President
  • Hip Pocket - Lincoln, NE
  • September 2012 to August 2013

Maintained the branding, branding strategy, design direction, and consistent template code structure in an agile and iterative process for Lincoln Mortgage Comparisons, Fiscal Circles, and Hip Pocket.

Trained, supervised, and directed the founding team to collect information from users during the customer development process which impacted the way we developed our service.

Translated users pain points, stakeholder goals, and requirements into a compelling user interface for our web-based application.


Coordinated with a large group of mentors, stakeholders, and founders to create an intuitive application that helped save our customers thousands of dollars when refinancing their mortgage.

Completed the Luxr training course while in Nmotion which directly influenced data collection to analyze, and take actionable steps in user testing and design iteration.

  • Owner/Operator
  • Chapman Studio - Lincoln, NE
  • July 2007 to February 2013

Maintained the branding, branding strategy, SEO strategy, design direction, and consistent template code structure for my clientele.

Trained and supervised clients in learning about their customers using customer development to improve their understanding of their habits in behaviors which impacted the way content was created.

Notable Clients

By improving website usability and the ability to use and understand Google Analytics I helped Marion Maneker double his website traffic, and grow his email subscription list by 450 percent over the course of a two-year period.

Working from wireframes I was able to design a user interface for the My Front Door team which helped launch their service in 2013. I was then contracted to design their marketing website and helped them grow 200 percent past their launch.


  • Associate of Applied Science in Graphic Design
  • Southeast Community College - Milford, NE
  • 1996 to 1997


Photoshop (10+ years), Bootstrap 3 (3 years), Illustrator (10+ years), CSS (10+ years), HTML (10+ years), Interaction Design (7 years), User Experience (5 years), Front-end Development (10+ years), JQuery (7 years), Personas (5 years), Problem Solving (10+ years), wire framing (5 years), Indesign (5 years)


Luxr Core Curriculum
  • June 2013 to August 2013
  • While at Nmotion a startup accelerator in Lincoln, NE I completed the Luxr Core Curriculum. A six-week training course designed to teach Customer Development.


  • May 2013 to Present
  • A twelve-week startup accelerator based on the Tech Star program to teach entrepreneurs how to successfully build a business using several techniques and methods based on Lean UX.
Nebraska UX
January 2013 to Present

Our group connects anyone passionate about learning and teaching user-centered design.

Nebraska Mobile
June 2012 to 2015

Community outreach and education for designers, developers and marketers involved in making mobile applications.

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