Nate has been working as a designer for over 10 years with brands mainly based in the midwest.

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Design Related

Describe your creative process.

I start with getting to know the businesses stakeholders. I then get to know their customers. This process is considered a User Experience (UX) approach. If you would like to know more please refer to my, Data-Driven Design page.

Which applications do you use daily (versus occasionally)?

Illustrator, Sketch 3, Photoshop, Brackets, Chrome, Firefox Dev Ed., and Safari. I occasionally use Indesign, Bridge, iMovie, Pages or Word, BrowserStack, and UXPin.

Coding Related

What languages are you comfortable coding?

HTML5, CSS3, LESS, PHP, jQuery, and Javascript.

Which frameworks are you comfortable working with?

  • Bootstrap 3
  • Ember.js

Are you a Full-Stack Developer?


Which parts of the Stack are you comfortable with?

  • Front-end Front-end HTML, CSS, and Interaction coding.
  • Application Layer MVC: Ember.js, Typekit, and .net.
User Experience (UX) Related

How do you measure success?

Success depends entirely on the metric that is important to you. Examples of common metrics are things like conversions, bounce rate, and visiting duration. Why do we care about measuring success? Iterating on a design can only achieve success if we identify a starting point.

Examples of iteration are changing colors of a button, changing the copy, or identifying a piece of information which is missing and including it to help a customer complete a purchase.

Do you use Wireframes and what application do you use for it?

Yes. The size of the team determines the process:

  • Small Projects: I use UI Kits in Sketch 3 or Illustrator. Exchange ideas in emails with PDF's.
  • Team Projects: Collaboration paper sketching and build them in Azure or UXPin.

Do you participate in any groups?

I am active in UX, Design, and Coding groups. View my profile for the entire list.

Can you breakdown the process you use?

This is an indepth question which requires a lengthy response. In short the method I use closely resembles this approach.


What type of marketing do you do?

The marketing I do is a cross between branding and UX. In order for a brand to resonate with a group of customers, it has to meet guidelines defined in the branding strategy. Part of the UX process involve talking to customers.

The information between those two is used to create a marketing strategy for social and advertising.

Which pay-per-click advertising services do you use?

AdWords, Yahoo! Bing Ads, & BuySellAds.

Do you do Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?

Yes. Effective Pay-Per-Click (PPC) depends on an effective SEO strategy. Positive and negative keywords, demographics, and customer behavior patterns make up the bulk of the strategy.


Which web apps do you use and why?


Slack This tool allows a multitude of teams to communicate effectively. The ease of use of their post system is why I champion their service to my teams.

Team Wireframing

UXPin The popularity of the web app and the ease of use is why I recommend their service to colleagues.

Coding Communication

JS Fiddle Coding with other designers and developers is easiest when you have a way to make that happen with a live tool.

SVG Management

Fontastic Creating a custom font set with SVG icons is an easy way to ensure compatibility across browsers.

Version Control

Github Among the more popular choices I have had the best experience with Github.


Website Speed Test The output UI is easiest to read and understand.


Your team and how I best fit in it.

Small team 2-6

My Role UI/UX Design, Marketing Strategy, Front-end Developer, Application Developer, and Visual Designer.

Medium team 5-11

My Role UI/UX Design, Front-end Developer, and Visual Designer.

Large team 8+

My Role UI/UX Design or Visual Designer.

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